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20ft Containers by London Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers London sell 20ft new and used shipping containers and storage containers available in our nationwide depots with local haulage contractors nearby too! We are proud to be a division of Containers 4 Sale UK Ltd a leading well established container company based in the UK. Please feel free to contact our friendly sales team for more information or to purchase or hire your container.

20ft New Storage Containers & Shipping Containers

Most of our 20ft new storage containers are one way shipped from the Far East. This means they have carried one cargo only to transport them into the UK. We have new containers available in standard colour options of blue or green (shade varies). Most new containers have multiple vents fitted throughout to aid in the reduction of condensation. They also standardly come with our latest slim line lock box facility to ensure maximum security on your new storage container. Optional extras of security padlocks specially designed for the slim line lock box facility and are supplied at a fixed cost of £50.00 + VAT. Also most of our new containers come with marine ply wooden flooring finished with a clear varnish which is a benefit for an easy cleaning process.

New containers usually have a valid CSC plate of around 5 years, enabling you to ship from the UK for that amount of time. Once this CSC plate has expired you will need to renew your ACEP sticker and have a container inspection from your local port/depot.   We have new containers available nationwide so call today for a free quotation.

20ft Used Storage Containers & Shipping Containers

We have 20ft used good quality storage containers that can be delivered and offloaded externally to your premises from our nationwide depots. All of our used containers are corten steel manufactured and have marine ply wooden flooring throughout. They are sold next off the stack and usually are sold in their shipping line colours or livery. All of our used containers are guaranteed wind and watertight with a 6 month warranty from the point of sale. Optional extras are available to purchase i.e. lock box facility, padlocks, lights etc.

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