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Container Accessories from Shipping Containers London

Shipping Containers London offer a wide selection of container accessories for you to choose from. Whether you want additional protection against condensation or additional theft protection, Shipping Containers London container accessories are perfect for you. We are a division of Containers4sale UK Ltd and offer our services nationwide. Take a look below:

shipping containers londonLock Box Facility

Shipping Containers London’s slim line lock box facility is a containers best friend! It is a small steel construction high security box fitted between the doors of the container. They are normally an approved insurance requirement, as they prevent tamperage such as:  bolt-croppers, screw drivers, angle grinders, hammers, chisels, and such like from most methods of forced entry. It also protects against adverse weather conditions therefore your padlock will last much longer. This is a very cost effective way to keep your goods safe.

image4High Security Padlocks

Shipping Containers London offer  high security padlocks which are highly secure, reliable, trustworthy and insurance approved! These are usually supplied with 2 keys and are vandal resistant. All of our containers are made of corten steel and therefore are the most secure containerised product in the current market place and our high security padlock is great for extra peace of mind. These fit perfectly in to our lock box facility and are optional extras.

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Container Padlocks Suitable for Locking Bars

An alternative to the lock box facility and high security padlock is a padlock that is fitted directly to the locking bars of the container. This is another highly secure option for additional security to any standard shipping containers that have not been fitted with a container lock box facility. We recommend this type of locking facilities for sites with security issues when lock boxes are not fitted.

Container Locating Pins

If you are looking to double stack your containers, container locating pins are the essential accessory for you. They are used to ensure stability and safety. The container locating pins are small metal plates with pins on either side that slot into the holes on each corner of the container. This ensures the top container will be stable as it is secured onto the bottom container. Highly recommended and health and safety approved.

Container Sleepers

Container sleepers are sturdy pieces of wood that help level the area to enable your container is positioned as level as possible to enable free and easy doors etc.  The site conditions is always the customer’s responsibility. If you have any doubts about your ground, we can always supply you container sleepers to help with the levelling. One is positioned at the door and one at the other front end. Another option would be a site survey if the gradient I extreme.  Please note all deliveries and levelling I best efforts.

Grafo – Therm Coating


Grafo-therm helps to prevent condensation within the container. Whether you are purchasing a second hand or new one way shipped container Grafo-therm moisture absorption coating can be applied to any roof of any container. This is a cost effective way to ensure the risk of condensation is low. This Grafo-therm coating is non-toxic and is also known to enhance light reflection and reduce reverberating sound and solar heat gain. We suggest that if purchasing a new one way shipped multi vented container for Shipping Containers London, this option is not normally required.

Magnetic / Swivel Hook Internal Lighting

Shipping Containers London offer temporary lights that are super bright 72 LED, magnetic, portable and come with swivel hooks for hanging. This is suitable for both permanent and temporary lighting solutions. All our magnetic internal lighting are supplied with 4 AA batteries, thereafter it becomes the customers responsibility to supply their own batteries.